Coffee at 2:30 AM?

Breakdown of sleepy owl copy

Hola from the Lachung, dark chocolate fam

Here I am again with the 24th version of Dark Chocolate.

I have been travelling for the last few days

(Travelling more than working, haha)

It's 2:30 AM and 2°C, still my responsibility is to deliver the Dark Chocolate to you.

Well, so today let's dissect Sleepy Owl an instant coffee brand

According to the co-founder Ashwajeet, Sleepy Owl established its personal brand as cheerful, creative and a challenger of the status quo.

The best thing about Sleepy Owl’s copy is, it is very much simple and approachable.

I was checking their social media, here is what I found

Check the above given images, they have injected humour with their copy and they know their users’ demands in a good manner.

They shared recipes as the social media copy but if you look closely every social media copy is actionable.

Similarly, here they took some inspiration from different ad campaigns (One of them is eat surreal)

Even if they take inspiration they have done it in their own way. So they stay away from other competitors.

After that checked their website and I found they focused on the importance of benefits over features.

See? How they have been implemented?

Well, I have to leave my hotel by 5:00 AM so let’s say goodbye?

See you next week with great enthusiasm.

Till then keep grabbing dark chocolates.


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