Goodbye? No they are lying…

Publer lied, I didn't believe

Hola Dark Chocolate fans

Welcoming you all to the 23rd edition of Dark Chocolate.

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Today we will be discussing Publer (Social Media management platform)

Last day I received an email from Publer and the email title was “Publer is shutting down”

Check the headline

Hooked me, didn’t you?

The format of the email is my favourite one HSO (Hook, Story, Offer)

And, the email was the perfect example of how HSO works.

Well, let me tell you from the header, and design to the core message.

So they started with, “Publer is shutting down”

The core message of the email was the discounted rates and offers before the financial year ended.

So they connected it with a story that their boss is on leave and they are just trying to achieve their KPIs and it is pretty common in most of the companies.

Publer knows the market very well and is connected with the real-life incident.

A perfect blend of storytelling and the atmosphere setting.

Now check the CTA, Captivating and appealing

After receiving their email I checked their socials, I saw they are trying a lot but they lack engagement.

Social Media copy can be good but the graphics are captivating.


Here I am, It’s 1:20 AM on 31st, Yes I am writing it now.

Well, which brand do you want me to dissect up next?

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