LinkedIn, Huel and Risk Reduction

Masterclass Awaits

You know what I have been putting content on LinkedIn for the last 9 months.

The first 6 months were devastating, No one was there and no likes, no comments

Only Crickets replied with a standing ovation of chirps.

Well, As I am too focused on LinkedIn, I thought why not dissect my own LinkedIn post today?

(Copywriting is everywhere )

So I will discuss one of the best posts from last week.

Wait before you go ahead, let me tell you what you are reading here, skip if you are here with me for decades

Dark Chocolate is a copywriting newsletter

Where every week I dissect one of my copy, one example and the copywriting lesson I learnt last week.

What is this post all about?

I have written on how to grow on LinkedIn, in a real way.

Why did it work?

  • Formatting

  • Hook

  • Lead

  • Body

  • Power ending

Well, how to write your best LinkedIn post?

LinkedIn copywriting is different from any other form of copy but the principle is the same.

First of all according to the rule of copywriting you need to tell them the benefit, show them the path.

Here are the rules for writing a perfect LinkedIn post. (Of course stolen, but I use it too, you see?)

Step 1: Start with a sum up of the whole post.

Use 8-10 words maximum → That's your hook.

Step 2: Say why your post matters in the 2nd line.

Write "what’s in it for them" → For your audience. (Yes WINFM)

Step 3: Make the 3rd line a little personal.

Write about yourself → Provide emotional context.

Step 4: Share value (No long paragraphs, please.)

Listicles work well. Explanations work well.

Step 5: Powerful ending

Close your post with a remarkable line.

Step 6: Always add a P.S. → Ask a simple question

- “Yes/No” questions,

- “How many”? questions,

- “Which one of these”? Questions. (Courtesy - Jasmin)


1 problem → 1 person → 1 post

3. Keep posts under 700 characters

4. 3 lines of text → 1 white space then

5. Add white space to help posts "breathe"

6. Don't overdo white spaces - it's distracting

7. Don't unnecessarily cut 1 sentence into 2 rows

8. Sort bullet point lists by length (Courtesy Ehlimana)

However, you see my P.S. is weak here.

My favourite tweet from last week

Copywriting example

Huel is a complete food brand, I love their marketing and ads.

Here is one of the product pages, just look at their copy, checking all the boxes.

Selling benefits, not features. Simple sweet, choppy copy.

Copywriting lesson I learnt last week

Apply risk reduction in your copy.

For example - ‘A help centre with dynamic search bar.’

The more people trust you the more sales you make, Copywriting is powerful.

So my dark chocolate fans, how’s life?

Well, I would love to listen to what you love most about my newsletter, can I see your reply today? 👀

Keep grabbing dark chocolate

See you next week fam.

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