Meh to wow

Rewriting landing page

Hello Dark Chocolate fans, How’s life?

Last week I checked so many landing page and trust me most of them made me ‘meh’

(Most of them were sales related)

So today, I am picking one landing page and I will rewrite it.

Here is the landing page

Landing page hero Section

When I first watched this landing page, I felt

The design could be better (According the rule of design and Htags)

There is too much and it makes the reader overwhelming

Landing page title writing rule

• Speak with conviction

• Say “It's how”

• Say how it “replaces”

• Make your product interesting

• Ask for feedback and choose which people can remember for a long

So let’s apply it here

Never do cold calls ever again apply our ‘Micro Offer System’ to semi passively attract 15-30 pre-qualified buyers daily.

There is too much in the hero section of the landing page.

They can keep it simple and add a CTA

The CTA might be ‘I tried, I am stuck and I need help’ (Hitting their feelings)

The next section is awesome

The ideal way is

  • Pain and Current state

  • Desired state

  • How they solved it and bridge the gap

They have used it very well. (Though they could make it a lil better)

(The landing page is too long, so sharing only 3 sections)

The FAQ section is one of the most important sections as people look for the most common questions before they buy, they have answered it very well, though they could make the last question’s answer with something witty.

Did you get value from the 25th edition?

Hit reply and let me know.

See you next week Dark Chocolate fans.

Keep grabbing Dark Chocolates. (Should I send you one?)

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