Kill adverbs and kill adjectives

Wistia's copywriting magic

Kill adverbs and kill adjectives

It makes the path difficult for potential buyers to read and take action.

This is what Wistia did

They didn’t make it difficult for people to take action.

Look at this.

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I just came back from a week-long workation.

Life was good.

Look what I was doing :)

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Alright, let’s get back to the business.

Just see how they used ‘Video for business is our business’

Copywriting should be short and sweet, you get extra bucks for deleting more.

Look at the line ‘Your one-stop video marketing shop’

They’re taking an edge.

Then they mentioned how easy it is to use and guess what? In copywriting we don’t sell features, we sell benefits.

But you know that everyone is in a pain, pain of not having something or want to make the existing stuff better, is not it?

Look at this now.

Most of the creators who work with video, they suffer with traffic, views and massive works, don’t they? So they have stated the ideal solution here, don’t you think you will click after these all?

You will my friend.

So today we learnt

  1. Kill adverbs and kill adjectives

  2. Sweet and short copy, choppy copy

  3. Sell benefits

  4. Solve the pain

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See you next week, till then keep grabbing your dark chocolate.

Anirban signing off.

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