Innocent Drink with Dark Chocolate

Too hot need a drink🥵

Hey Dark chocolate fan 👋

Super happy to see you again in the 28th edition of Dark Chocolate.

You know, last week I was checking out the brand called Innocent Drinks.

And damn! I love their copy and the way they strategize everything.

I started with their YouTube channel.

According to the copywriting rule: Get specific. Most of the landing page or website copy I see on a daily basis is full of fluff.

They talk about other things more than the value they add in people's lives.

Give people what they want; it’s known as 'Use your customers' voice.'

When you tell people what they want to listen to, they get more involved in the process, and you can persuade them better.

More than the copy, I loved how they used design psychology in their graphics. Amazing!

When I checked their socials, I noticed this: I always say storytelling makes your copy far better.

Look at this, how they use a story to connect the product with your desire.

They always emphasize the product via some power words.

As I always say, copywriting is all about psychology.

The better you know the people you're selling to, the quicker you make money.

It’s not simple, but if you devote time, you can achieve it.

Remember, good copywriters are better psychologists than writers.

Well, here is the last one I wanted to share. Look at the bottom section text.

They advise not to focus solely on the bottom.

You need to take action from above.

Here's the rule: If you want your readers to take action, you have to ask them.

Marketing Sherpa carried out an experiment with their newsletter readers to find out if the wording used in hyperlinks could make a difference in click-through rates.

They found out that the right use of anchor texts could improve click-through rates by more than 8%. (Source)

That’s all, fam.

I will see you next Sunday, sharp at 10:00. Oh, did I tell you I've prepared something?

Well, you will get access to that before everyone else as you are my valued readers.

See you then. Bye.

Oh yeah, keep grabbing Dark Chocolate 🍫

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