5 Email Marketing hacks that no one told you

Anirban, again hacks?

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Heyaaaa! Dark Chocolate fans

I am here again, I haven’t got time in the last week, it’s 3:09 AM, 19/05 writing the 30th edition of Dark Chocolate.

Today I am sharing 5 Email Marketing hacks that no one told you, sharing those hacks and sharing why it works.

1. The "From" Name Trick:

  • Hack: Use a personal name or a specific department rather than your brand name in the "From" field.

  • Why It Works: Personalized "From" names tend to increase open rates. It makes people feel more like a conversation between individuals rather than promotional messages.

2. The Power of Plain Text:

  • Hack: Occasionally send plain text emails instead of highly designed ones.

  • Why It Works: Plain text emails can create a sense of intimacy and authenticity, It build stronger connections with subscribers and increasing engagement rates.

3. The "One-Click" Survey:

  • Hack: Include a simple one-click survey in your emails to gather feedback or preferences.

  • Why It Works: One-click surveys are quick and easy for subscribers to engage with, providing valuable insights into their interests and preferences without requiring them to leave the email.

(I’ve added one, Please respond?)

4. The Preheader Preview:

  • Hack: Optimize your email preheader text to complement the subject line and entice recipients to open the email.

  • Why It Works: The preheader is often visible in email previews, giving you an additional opportunity to capture subscribers' attention and encourage them to open the email.

5. The "P.S." Persuasion:

  • Hack: Add a compelling postscript (P.S.) message at the end of your emails.

  • Why It Works: Many readers skim through emails, so placing an attention-grabbing message in the P.S. section can increase engagement and drive action, such as clicking a link or responding to a call to action.

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