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Welcome to the 29th edition of Dark Chocolate.

(Dark Chocolate has something new for you, and you'll love it).

Today, you'll learn the 101 of Email Marketing.

The first email was sent in 1971, and we still use emails as the main serious channel of communication.

But why do we use emails?

Emails are the only source where you can talk 1:1 with your readers.

I's easy to persuade them. (I have a free 5-day course where you can learn more about it)

In order to sell something, you need people, right?

So let’s understand how you can get people on your email list.

But before that, tell me, do you give out your email everywhere? No, why?

Because it is private, and you use it for a serious purpose.

Similarly, the people you want on your list will not come so easily. In order to bring them to your email list, you need to follow these steps:

Choose your main platform. It might be your website or any social media.

Ask yourself why they would subscribe?

Offer them the value they are looking for, it might be a free course, free eBook, or if you are running a brand, then some discount or coupon code.

Talk daily about your emails/newsletter in your social media content and plug it every day.

Now, you need a platform. You can choose Beehiiv (Use 30-day trial + 20% OFF for 3 months).

I use this platform, and it’s pretty easy to use. After the arrival of the website feature, you can build a WEBSITE too. Other than that, you can use ActiveCampaign or Flodesk.

Now, you need to know the most important thing: ‘Email Copywriting’.

You need to write your email in an engaging way, and there are some structures you can use:

  • HSO

  • PAS

  • DIC

For your future reference, you can save some templates too.

I want you to focus on:

Your subject line. It is the hook, this is why people will open your emails.

CTA. Keep it normal and easy, easy to answer.

Now, design your emails in a better way, use proper formatting, and add visuals.

Once you get subscribers and send crazy emails, now you need to understand how you can get more open rates and improve your newsletters.

So, you need to track and do A/B testing.


Write different copy formats, titles, subtitles.

Track open rates, reply rates.

Well, that’s pretty much it.

From next Sunday, You will get the best practices, hacks, tricks to boost your Email Marketing.

See you next Sunday, Oh and Keep grabbing Dark Chocolate.

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