Lamy, Zomato and Choppy copy

Get used to the new way

Hola, dark chocolate fan.

Welcoming you to the 21st edition of Dark Chocolate.

From today’s edition, I am going to make things differently.

I will break down my own copy and explain why it worked and why it didn’t

I will add one of the best copywriting examples with you.

Also, I will add one of my learning around copywriting.

So last of the last week Bo (My copywriting mentor) asked me to create an ad on Lamy.

Here is the brief

Write a print ad for Lamy fountain pens

In a world where barely anyone writes, Lamy wants to run an ad encouraging people to buy their pens.

Your job is to write and design the ad. The ad may or may not show the product but a logo is needed

Here is what I made

Lamy Ad

Here is the insight I found:

Lamy is smooth and long-lasting (MVP) so as Lamy originated from Germany and the beer of Germany is so famous, I connected the dots.

Here is why It worked

Everyone wants their pen to work smoothly, most of the time people find it irritating when their pens stop working during an exam or a quick work so Lamy solves this problem by the nature of smoothness and longevity.

Here is the copywriting example of the week

Zomato ad from facebook

Here is why it is beautiful

Zomato used the basic rule of graphic design to make it appealing

Check the CTA below, ‘Don’t feel left out’ - This is a sort of FOMO, People don’t want to miss out on anything.

My favourite tweet this week

Copywriting lesson I learnt this week

Avoid using commas.

You can replace them with periods.

You can call it a ‘choppy copy’

It keeps readers interested and reading. (Charles Miller, LinkedIn)

Heya, Dark Chocolate fan let me know, if you love the new way of Dark Chocolates.

I want you all to enjoy the newsletter.

Please reply with your thoughts, we will make it fun, I promise.

See you soon homies. Keep grabbing Dark Chocolate.

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