Building a strong brand voice with copywriting

Want to have a pepsi?

Ever wondered why some brands are like the cool kids at a party,

while others are stuck in the corner sipping on bland soda?

It's all in the voice, my friend!

Today, we're talking about how to turn your brand into the talk of the town with an unforgettable copy.

I was never the cool kid, but we will make your brand the cool one.

I? Who?

Hi, Falguni Sharma this side,

I’m a poet turned content writer.

Back to the topic!

Ready for the transformation?

Let's dive in!

what if your brand becomes the first thought when someone hears about a certain product?

Imagine your brand walking into a room, turning heads, and making everyone smile.


Humour, my friend!

It's the secret sauce that makes your brand the talk of the town.

Relax, you do not need to become a stand-up comedian,

Just a dash of fun that sticks with your audience forever.

The question is how can your brand become the gregarious friend that everyone wants to hang out with?

Get comfortable—we have the solution!

Ever Felt Lost in Translation?

Have you ever read a piece of content and felt like you needed a coder to decode this?

Yeah, not the vibe we're going for.

Your brand voice should be crystal clear, as a crystal clear copy never misguides the audience.

Now, imagine explaining your brand to a 9-year-old child

Easy, right?

That's the level we're aiming for!

Ever heard of the emotional aspect?

Emotion is a powerful tool in writing.

You need to tap into your audience’s emotions to make your brand unforgettable.

Emotions help to create strong connections and brand loyalty with your target audience, and who doesn't need that?


Establishing a solid brand identity requires authenticity.

Your copy should be a direct reflection of your brand and should reflect the unique qualities of it.

Most importantly, your copy should be genuine and should resonate with your target audience.

Let us give you some tips that you can inculcate in your copywriting process:

Know your audience

Be consistence

Use simplified language

Highlight your USP

Inculcate humor

Sell benefits, not features

See you soon Dark Chocolate fans, bye!

Copy copy copy

Here I am, Anirban your cool copywriter

Well, I am not, sorry for lying.

Ahm! Today I got Falguni as my co-author

Today we are teaching you how you can build a strong brand voice with copywriting.

Falguni has mentioned the true essence of a copy to bring the true brand voice

Let’s take an example

“At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise … comes from the electric clock”

Here David Ogilvy mentioned Rolls Royce, can you see what we are talking about?

We call it a ‘Brand Copy’

Before we proceed, I would love to tell you one more interesting concept

Brand Recall

Brands try to be the leader of that particular product. So, whenever you are talking about a product or something very similar to this, you will recall that brand.

Example of unaided brand recall.

If you were asked, “What's your favourite soft drink?” and you responded with, “Pepsi”.

Source: Semrush

Well, I know the idea is clear by now.

So what are the key components of a brand voice?




As Falguni gave you some ideas to write your copy, we need to go deep into that.

Just to repeat, your copy will ensure the brand stands up and gets noticed.

So the connection is between thinking and feeling.

You can write for any brand but if the audience is not feeling you are talking to them, then you will not be termed as a good ‘copywriter’

Well, This is it for today.

I would appreciate it if you share any suggestions to improve this newsletter.

Hope you are having fun with me and my co-authors.

Well, with a hug I am signing off for today.

Oh, by the way, Give a follow to my friend Falguni

See ya, Dark Chocolate fans.

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