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Hello Dark Chocolate fam,

How is Sunday treating you, wait, did you wake up yet?

I am writing 27th edition from ‘TOO-HOT’ Kolkata (43°, maybe I will die soon, but lemme finish my Newsletter, Your attention is important my friend)

If you want to make your copy top notch

Make it ‘specific’ and ‘conversational’

Barkbox did the exact same thing

See here 👇

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service providing dog products, services, and experiences

BarkBox is so famous and successful all of because of their conversational tone

You can see here as well,

In their social media copy they always try to make it relatable and conversational which drives more engagement and the customer becomes a part of the process.

Recently they launched BarkAir which is exclusive for dog’s travel purpose

Here they have solved an issue, Most dog owners can’t travel with their pets, but they made it happen and look at the copy for more clarity.

100%, then totally, so they focused on the main point with an adverb

(Though I didn’t feel the importance)

Well, You know most successful brands, involve their buyers in the process, as I have mentioned earlier, see it in action below

They used their customer to write the testimonials copy, which is amazing, easy to understand and taking action. I really loved it.

Now let’s talk about their pricing section

Look how beautifully they wrote it . They played with emotion.

That’s all for today fam.

See you all next Sunday with another interesting brand, can you guess?

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Keep grabbing dark chocolate

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